Thursday, November 3, 2005

Because Everyone Else Is

I'm signing up for more stuff because... er, because everyone else is.

Adventurous Celia and impatient Cynthia are hosting Round 2 of the International Scarf Exchange.

Sandy is hosting Warm Hands, a mitten-along. That's got me looking at an old UFO (a Charlotte's Web shawl) with a critical eye and thinking cold, amphibian thoughts. It would seem all that Koigu doesn't want to be a shawl... it really wants to be Fanning the Flame Mittens, and therefore wouldn't mind a trip to the frog pond. Hmmmmm.

Here's another old UFO, below and in the sidebar. To give a hint as to its great age, the yarn used is [gasp!] Brunswick Fairhaven. (If you remember Fairhaven, raise your hand.)

UFO mitten

The pattern is Lingonberry from The Swedish Mitten Book by Inger Gottfridsson and Ingrid Gottfridsson. It was my first foray into color knitting and mitten knitting. From inexperience, I grossly underestimated the yardage needed and ran out of yarn. Sadly, before I could get more, Brunswick closed its doors and Germantown, Pomfret, and Fairhaven were no more. [Pause for a moment of fond remembrance]

And onward. Nona is hosting Peaceful Palms, a glove-along. My hands are always cold!

True blue Alison has hinted (wink, wink) there will be s'more sock swaps in the future. [Grin.]

In the meantime, wicked Ariane is stitching up a wicked good Holiday Sock Exchange. My feet are always cold, too! Not to mention a bit of warm holiday cheer will be especially welcome this expensive heating season.

Stephanie and Amanda are hosting Knit the Classics, which combines knitting along and reading along. There's going to be a My Favorite Classic book exchange, too.

Then there's the infamous O/P Rowan pattern and a bag of Felted Tweed, stashed months ago and not yet cast on for Another Weasley. I can't say why, but it's pretty scarey, considering the movie launches in the U.S. on November 18. I dunno. Maybe I should just sign up for Hatmione and call it a day.


Julie said...

Sounds like we think alike. I saw a fanning the flame mitten last month and immediately ordered the pattern with Sandy's Warm Hands KAL in mind! Excellent choice ;)

Becky said...

Thanks for all the Kal links. I just finished Fuzzy Feet and Soctoberfest. Now I am doing gloves.
Being a fairly new knitter, this really pushes me to try new things that I wouldn't on my own.
Did you sign up with any?