Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's a Wonderful Holiday Sox

Today brought the NYC transit strike, which made this wonderful Holiday Sox package from my excellent exchange pal, Else, all the more welcome. I won't speak of others, but she has flawless timing.

My festive Holiday Sox

First, there's the gorgeous socks, which fit perfectly and are identical twins. Color and design come together most beauteously: I love the fancy leafy lace back of the leg and heel (just right for clogs), the subtle stripe of the almost-solid green yarn, and the festive star toe. The sober ribs on the front of the leg neatly balance the tendency of lace to spread and add to the unexpected sass of the walking-away view. One might think a st st foot on a ribbed leg would bag out, but – wonderful to relate! – these feet are shapely. Else has wrought a sock miracle!

If that weren't enough knitterly goodness, there's also a skein of Rowan Kidsilk Night in colorway 609 Dazzle. Wow, I'm dazzled! My excellent SP6 pal, Rainy, got me hooked on Kidsilk Haze – here's a new Kidsilk to love.

Last but hardly least, there's a thoughtful handmade card dotted with stars and containing a wish for peace. We could use more of that roundabout metro NYC these days!

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Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Oh gracious the kidsilk is wonderful stuff. I like it all, the sparkly stuff is wonderful and now there is spray which seems to have a longer fluff factor for fuzzier knitting. The only drawback to Kidsilk Spray that I can see is, it'd be even harder to frog, but gosh I bet it's wonderful to wear!

It's like, fun fur but with class.