Friday, December 30, 2005

Winding Up

Another year end and I'm winding up loose ends, literally.

For a number of not-happy reasons, knitting time has been in short supply roundabout Exit 151.Koigu #P605, 2233, 1122, P122 But there's a glimmer at the end of the tunnel, and it doesn't look like an oncoming train. I've been able to resume progress on my pal's now woefully overdue Holiday Sox (at least I've kept in touch with her and with exchange hostess Ariane). And I've wound up two Koigu semi-solid colors for my next sock project, the current Six Sox pattern, Adrienne Fong's Standing in the Shadow of Love.

There are other causes for knitterly happiness: Cherry Tree Hill is having a sale that starts at midnight, December 31. Habu is having their sale through January 15. The sign up for Secret Pal Seven continues through January 4.

Meanwhile, although Secret Pal Six is over, another artful packageOrnamented shipping box from my excellent pal, Rainy of Will Pillage for Yarn, arrived. Thank you, Rainy! This is going above and beyond, in so many ways. Not least, the ornamented outside of the box is as much a pleasure as the contents and a gift in itself. (Click on the photo for a larger view to see what I mean.)

Inside the shipping box was another ornamented box (this one a persimmon red Chinese take out gift box), a sweet note, a recipe card for Grandma's 1935 Applesauce Cake (DH loves applecake!), and a Sivia Harding Knit Design pattern, Gothic Leaf Stole. Inside the gift box was a luscious skein of laceweight and six stitch markers. The yarn is reminiscent of Icelandic laceweight, its gorgeous colorway of multi-hued pahoehoe lava.

Extra SP6 goodies

Here's another view of the artful gift box and the beaded stitch markers.

Artful gift box and stitch markers

To close this year, DH and I plan to attend First Night MontclairFirst Night program and button (roundabout Exit 148). It's a fun, community-wide, alcohol-free party, with entertainment and fireworks. This year there's a NOLA flavor, in honor of the people who settled here after Hurricane Katrina. Plus, for those of a certain age, Nickelodeon characters – and slime! – are promised. DH prefers New Jersey Ballet; as for me, I have my silver Festive Fur boa and my green and purple Mardi Gras beads ready.

Happy New Year – happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous – to all. See y'all next year!

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traveling knitter said...

A SALE AT CHERRY TREE HILL??? Move over I'm first!