Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Turtling Along

While I don't speak or read German, I'm pretty sure I understand the title of this post – Gold und nicht Gold – on the Knitting Olympics Team Deutschland blog. Helpfully, the buttons are in English:

Gold button!   Nicht gold button

Alas, that would be nicht gold for me.

Turtles KAL buttonSome might fall into a Munch-like Despair. I just went looking for another knit-along. Lo & behold FemiKnitMafia is sponsoring the Turtles Knit-along for slow finishers. Woo-hoo! A KAL for tortoises like me! I joined immediately. Er, just don't hold your breath waiting for the big finish. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.

And for all the Munchkins out there, sorry if my last post failed to do justice to the exhibit at MOMA. It's a major retrospective of an important artist's work, spanning his entire career and including works in multiple media, some rarely exhibited. Those who know Munch only for The Scream may be surprised by his full range, creative innovation, and lasting influence. Have a look if you can – Friday is the free day.

For further rumination on Munch, thanks to Deb for kindly pointing out the excellent article in March Smithsonian Magazine. And woo-hoo! for Stephanie and Patti, who have spot-on esthetic responses – Munch did indeed dabble in graphic arts and actually titled a couple paintings, Vampire.

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