Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summer Trekking

Back from the Post Office. Thanks to Anncie, I just had THE most amazing candy I have ever eaten, salt lakrids or Swedish salty licorice, in three varieties. She also sent a lovely postcard of Stockholm and a lollipop that was last seen in DH's vicinity.

Three kinds of salty licorice from Pansar

In return, I'm sending her saltwater taffy, a New Jersey summer specialty that every Jersey Shore town claims to have invented (and some lovely NJ postcards). But I don't think anything can match salty licorice... not Warheads, not Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, not li hing mui. I cheerfully confess that little Swedish children must be much tougher than I am – the one with flames on the package brought tears to my eyes!

A pocketful of salty treats can be handy on a summer hike or bike ride for those who tend toward hyponatremia. DH carries packets of NaCl or KCl; I'll carry salt lakrids. Now that I'm well fortified, I've signed up for Trek Along With Me, a Trekking sock- and hike-along hosted by Norma and Margene. Here's the necessary.

Trekking yarn, colorway 126   Hiking shoes, guides, and sandals

For the sock-along, the choice was obvious. I'm going to knit colorway 126, which reminds me of Brach's Neapolitan coconut candies. I'm not much of a fan of self-patterning yarn or those candies (sorry, Margene), yet somehow find the yarn irresistable.

For the hike-along, I can't decide from among the many possibilities. Maybe something to highlight the topographic diversity of New Jersey: Appalachian ridges, highlands, piedmont, coastal plains. Or maybe something to show off NJ history: Washington's crossing, the Underground Railroad, Liberty State Park. There could be car-free jaunts to South Mountain Reservation, Gateway National Park, the Shore. Or maybe a day outing on the great trails: D&R Canal towpath, Lenape Trail, Long Path, the mighty Appalachian Trail, the proposed East Coast Greenway. Or maybe a shameless bicycle ride-and-tie to as many LYSs as possible in, say, a 30-mile circuit from my house (panniers required).

At least my hiking shoes, guide books, and hiking sandals are ready to go! If anyone has any suggestions or would like to trek along, do feel free to comment.



--Deb said...

You look like you're all set for the Trek-along, good for you! I've got my yarn, but I don't think my socks are going to be trekking anywhere much more rugged than a good walk in the park with Chappy (grin).

Kat said...

So many NJ options...(Hacklebarney, LBI, Washington Crossing, Jockey Hollow, High Point and of course the Pine Barrens if you are brave enough to take on the Jersey Devil). I'll be doing some Trekking in South Mountain Reservation in June.

Stephanie said...

That Trekking is lovely. Licorice - yuck - can't stand it myself but my Dad loves that stuff.

bethanie said...

Mmmm, that candy sounds yummy.