Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Glorious 4th Trek

Yesterday I decorated the bikes...

... and peddled off to ride with BikeMontclair in the Montclair Fourth of July parade. Kindly notice we support Keep Kids Alive Drive 25.

Pam's and Katherine's Trekking socks came along for the ride (see them perched on my saddle), but I didn't attempt any extreme knitting or spindling, as taking pix while riding one-handed was quite enough of a challenge. I was by no means the only one-handed rider in the group: some came prepared for any weather and others were forever blowing bubbles.


Nor was BikeMontclair the only human-powered vehicle unit. The Wheelmen (and women) did graceful trick riding on their antique-style bicycles. The two guys on the left were visiting from Germany (notice the flag on the handlebars). Michael is wearing a modern version what was probably the first bicycle helmet; similarly, his bike is antique in style, but made of modern high tech materials.

There also was a unit of Trikke cambering scooters. One makes them go by swiveling the handlebars. It's a terrific upper body workout and yet some people with bad backs find they can tolerate a Trikke better than a bicycle.

There was a skateboard unit, too, but they went by 'way too fast for a photo.

The parade included the usual assortment of national and local pols, both reds and blues. Here's Sen. Bob Menendez and Rep. Bill Pascrell (face obscured by waving hand), both up for re-election. (Also, in the background, a LYS!)

Sen. Bob Menendez and Rep. Bill Pascrell

The socks wanted to pose with them, but they were marching rather than pressing the flesh, so there was no opportunity. Besides, Officer John was watching. Guess why he's smiling like that.

There were peace marchers and military units, bands and floats, beauty queens and activists. Among my faves were the Toni's Kitchen food pantry unit, whose human-powered vehicles were shopping carts...

Toni's Kitchen food pantry marching unit

... the Terry's Serendipity Café spoken word unit (how can one not like a poetry marching unit?)...

Terry's Serendipity Cafe spoken word marching unit

... the Mexican dance unit, which kept shouting, "¡BRIO!" (yes, it was hot and they were hot, too)...

St. Peter Claver Church Mexican dance unit

... and the Montclair Art Museum unit.

Montclair Art Museum marching unit

There were a bunch of commercial floats, too, including the Applegate Farm ice cream float (teehee), beloved of all cyclists. Oral history claims the old farmhouse (Exit 151) was a station on the Underground Railroad.

Applegate Farm ice cream float

The predicted heavy thundershowers didn't rain on the parade, they held off until the afternoon barbecues, then cleared up in time for fireworks. Roundabout Exit 151 it was a glorious 4th.


trek said...

Applegate Farm - yum!

--Deb said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! Great links, too. And those old-time bikes? Very, very cool.... This was a great post--exactly the way I love to enjoy a parade (grin).

Chrissy said...

Those are some very patriotic bikes! It looks like you had a fun day!

Norma said...

Your community really knows how to do up a parade in high style! Ours was dead boring this year.

Glad you got out with your Trekking socks. Fun!