Monday, November 27, 2006

New Garden Clogs

It rained on the Thanksgiving Day parade, so I stayed home and tried out my new gardening clogs. My trusty old clogs (left) had been showing the scars of honorable service, so when I saw transparent clogs (right) at Loopy Yarns back in July, I bought 'em. I thought they'd be just the thing to show off handknit socks. Alas, the new clogs were not an immediate hit.

Trusty old clogs   New clogs not an immediate hit

For one thing, while they may be transparent, they aren't colorless – their glaucous cast makes my bare toes look positively cadaverous. Gah. They tend to develop an internal weather system, complete with fog and trickling precipitation (that doesn't happen with the old clogs). Plus I was dismayed to see their opaque cousins at Target for half what I paid. Nothing takes the shine off a purchase faster.

This weekend I tried them with light socks. This pair (left) seemed particularly suited for the fishbowl effect. But nothing beats handknit (right).

Fishbowl effect   Nothing beats handknit socks

I'm liking the new clogs better now. Not least because, clearly, I need many more pairs of striped socks. [g]


bethanie said...

I like them better with socks too!

Mia said...

They look better with hand knit socks. I think they were designed for hand knit socks. I am sure that you will find another pair for gardening.

--Deb said...

DEFINITELY better with handknit socks!