Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's a Wash

Yesterday my DSL went out (again), so I'm back on dialup (again). I don't think it was Friday the 13th bad luck juju, more like Verizon installing FiOS in town and messing up DSL and POTS juju. ETA: Nope, that was the last time. Several hours on the phone with several help desks confirmed that this time the real problem was my anti-virus program was protecting me by shutting down all Internet activity. [Eyeroll] But an excellent package arrived from Lucy, the prize for her 100th post contest, so on balance it was a pretty good day.

Goodies from Lucy

Inside there was Tofutsies (made from crabs!), pretty beads and beading wire, a Chibi with elegant bent-tip needles, and yummy chocolate coins. Thank you, Lucy! One of my goals for the Summer of Socks is to knit with new-to-me yarns and Tofutsies is on my list (however did you know???).

While I totally get knitting socks, I've never quite seen the appeal of knitting washcloths – until I saw this pattern. I made mine in Jersey orange, of course.

Jersey orange washcloth

It's easy-peasy, fun, and strangely satisfying. I'm going to treasure it forever. Find your (U.S.) state here.

Finally, and especially for new-to-the-Garden-State Bezzie, who decidedly did not have a good Friday, here's a bit of Weird NJ, a famous rebus, the South Orange south orange.

South Orange orange

Today is open garden for a bunch of organic gardeners roundabout Exit 151 and there's a farmer's market I want to check out, so I'm off on a bike ramble. It's a gorgeous summer's day – and Happy Bastille Day to Francophiles everywhere!


Kim said...

I love that Jersey washcloth! I have a bunch of cotton yarn just waiting to be turned into something fun. Sounds like you have a fun day planned. Enjoy!

Bezzie said...

I love that washcloth too! I need to do one for every state we've lived in. I'll have to find that S. Orange S. Orange. Luckily they have done nothing to wrong me ;-)

Let us know how the market was. I think I got lost one day and ended up at Branch Brook Park, which means I could probably find it again.

Nancy N. said...

Thanks for the washcloth link...guess what I found? A hound dog cloth and also a pawprint cloth - I know, I know crazy beagle lady ;o)

--Deb said...

Nice package! It really was a nice day today, but I spent all of it indoors at a graduation party . . . fun, but not the same as going to a farmer's market! Still . . . I've got my socks just about done . . . about two rows to go and then the bind-off, so at least I was productive!

Calling Kahlo said...

Too funny, I drove past the Orange on Thursday with my camp. How cool is that. I was wondering why it was there, doh, of course South Orange.

dragon knitter said...

my cable has been in and out for the last few days, sigh. it seems to be behaving to night, though.

i've seen the state washcloths before. i'm actually helping make a flag afghan with the states knit in the appropriate colors (nebraska is w hite), for a military hospital in san diego.

and i wanna try tofutsies! i resisted last time i went to the yarn store, but i'm slated to go again in 2 weeks. ack!