Monday, October 1, 2007

Jet Lag

Well, I survived airport hell and am back at Point A. There will be a short delay whilst I catch up on sleep, laundry, and other backlogged stuff. To amuse gentle readers in the interval, here's the strangest thing I ate while away – a slab of fake egg.

Strange egg

It sorta looked like a fried egg, except this horror was steamed, uniform in texture, and came in thick slices, like refrigerator cookie dough. A puddle of ketchup improves many things. Not this.

Strange egg minus two bites

What's the strangest thing you've (intentionally) eaten while traveling?


Devorah said...

That is rather frightening! Hotel buffet?

Bezzie said...

I can't top that egg. Ew!

Calling on Kahlo said...

Oh, I love the fake egg for a second I thought it was a post about knitted eggs. It looked so fake, surreal.

In my travels, I have eaten conch (it was okay), turtle (in Mexico), snails (France). I am sure I have eaten some other strange stuff.

And yes, ketchup does save a lot of food,lol.

Kim said...

What the??? I can not wrap my mind around that freakazoid phony egg-product!! I think I have a sock yarn that matches your fake egg. Weirdest thing I ate while traveling: fresh fried pork skin (ick) and alligator gumbo. The gumbo was tasty. It really did taste like chicken. The pork skin was revolting.

Zarzuela said...

Dude. Are you sure you were supposed to *eat* that?!

I got nothin'.

Welcome home!


Deborah said...

While in Spain, I ate some yet to be identified sea creature brought, I guess, out from the Mediterranean. It tasted uglier than it looked.

Katie said...

I ate haggis in Scotland! Not too exciting, but it's all I've got.