Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Giant Fat Tuesday

Yesterday DH took an early lunch and went to see the Giants ticker tape parade in NYC, partly because he'd never seen one, partly because David Tyree, who made that amazing helmet catch, is a local kid, a really nice guy.

Superbowl champs

The traditional parade route is through the "Canyon of Heroes," from Bowling Green up lower Broadway to City Hall. DH started out with a great spot, right on Broadway. But...

View from Broadway

... he had to move because of some security concern and ended up on a side street behind a bunch of people = an obstructed view = no good parade pix (cf. the NY Times).

View from side street

He didn't mind too much. The whirling confetti blizzard is an experience unto itself. He could tell when something was happening by the sudden increase in volume of cheering and falling paper. Even on the side streets, it was ankle deep. I had to suppress a shiver – the last time I saw so much paper on Broadway was after September 11.

Ankle deep paper

But before that, I saw the ticker tape parade for Nelson Mandela, and others. It's nice to reclaim the tradition. Or to start new ones – to honor the champs, the venerable Oyster Bar changed its menu. It's no longer serving its famed New England clam chowder, but rather Giants clam chowder. Neener, neener.


Devorah said...

Thanks for bringing us to the parade via blog! For all my time in Manhattan, I still haven't been to one.

Bezzie said...

I'm glad they had a celebration at the Meadowlands a few hours later though.

Hee hee, Giants clam chowder...that's much cuter than Freedom fries.