Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sousa and the Blues

I'm just back from a New Jersey Symphony Orchestra concert in Brookdale Park followed by fireworks, a holiday tradition roundabout Exit 151.


The concert was fun, the pyrotechnics glorious, but the pre-recorded fireworks music seemed strangely off. The finale was neither Stars and Stripes Forever nor 1812 Overture nor yet They're Coming to America, but a country and western tune that loped to an inconclusive finish. People remained seated, wondering if there was more. It was vaguely unsettling.

Then again, perhaps that's only fitting. Eariler today was the memorial service for Monica Paul, who was fatally shot at the "Little Y" a week ago, the very day SCOTUS handed down a landmark decision on the right to bear arms. Remarkably, she had prepared letters to her children, ages 11 and 4 years old, that were to be opened and read in the event of her death. She wrote them when she filed for a restraining order against their father, her ex-husband, the alleged killer. New Jersey has some of the most comprehensive relationship abuse laws in the country, yet some would say they're meaningless pieces of paper and others would call them tyrannical infringements of basic liberties. Something to ponder tomorrow.


As usual, I'll ride in the Fourth of July parade tomorrow with the BikeMontclair bicycle unit. Thanks to a donation from Whole Foods, we'll be giving away Lärabars to the crowd along the parade route. Word to Lära-lovers: Bloomfield Avenue is the place to be.


Kristen said...

Strangely Orange Snacks, Pocky, Larabar (hadn't heard of them but they look yummy) - you sure know your snack foods!
How cool to have a parade to ride in. Happy 4th!

Jessica said...

Hope you have a great day today! So sad about that woman from the Y. The 4th is always a bitter sweet holiday for me as my grandmother passed away 18 years ago yesterday from cancer. Stuff to ponder today indeed.

Paige said...

The Things and I were at the same fireworks. Boy, were they fast and furious, and then over, even before the Neil Diamond song. Oh well. Happy 4th to you, and good luck in the parade!

Bezzie said...

Wow. I've never seen such good amateur firework pictures! We heard them alright...they woke the kid up and kept the dog downstairs going nutty.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that made the ruling connection about that Y shooting. Very sad. We used to warn our MI clients all the time that a restraining order is just a piece of paper that it helps, but it is in essence just a piece of paper.

Bezzie said...

But oh--happy 4th!!! :-)

--Deb said...

GREAT pictures!

And, isn't it ironic that both our towns had tragic shootings on the same day? What are the odds?

Have a happy 4th, Ina!

Sandy said...

Yeah, in the end, it's hard to stop a bullet (or a knife, or even a determined fist) with a piece of paper.

Your fireworks pix are great. My new camera actually has a fireworks setting, so we'll see how my pix come out.

Happy 4th!

Kim said...

Happy 4th! What flavor Lara bars? The Cherry Pie flavor is wonderful but some of the others are icky and saw dusty.

Deborah said...

Guns don't kill people... people kill people - Archie Bunker

Aw Geez, I didn't know that he was on TV AND the supreme court??!!