Thursday, September 25, 2008

S is for Scarf

S is for scarf. Yesterday when I staggered home, I found Cordelia's beauteous Steam scarf (and lots of other goodies) waiting for me on the porch. All Weltschmerz was immediately forgotten! After a bit of squeeing and dancing, I tried it on. It's perfect – beautifully worked reversible cables, gorgeous color, neck-friendly fiber, and excellent fit. I love how the ends flare ever-so-slightly to form an unobtrusive ornament where fringe would be too fussy.

Cordelia's scarf

The other loot is choice, too: tasty luxury chocolates, postcards and Sublime Stitching embroidery transfers, a mesh laundry bag, a pretty pen, and not least the sweet "birthday" card, an inspired bit of synchronicity (I'm a September girl). Thank you, Cordelia, I love it all!

Cordelia's loot

Last week at MY SnB I was bemoaning the Bizarro World aspect of current events, how the real and the gonzo have by imperceptable degrees met and merged. This week there's this gem on the $700 billion price tag of the mortgage-related assets bailout:
"It's not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. "We just wanted to choose a really large number."

The testimony on Capitol Hill similarly raised more questions than it answered. Comments that a recessionary spiral is building and action or inaction now can make the difference between a so-called soft landing and a crippling crash seemed credible. But the plan presented by the Fed and Treasury failed to persuade. Wonder of wonders, it's looking like Congress is going to save the economy. (I love how the House ordered pizza and the Senate ordered Thai for their respective all-nighters.) Maybe truth is stranger than fiction after all.

Financial crisis averted for now, I guess that means tomorrow's presidential debate is on. Should Sen. McCain prove to be a no-show, I would imagine his campaign can remain suspended sine die.

Update 9:30 p.m.: It looks like the bipartisan, bicameral bailout accord has stalled and McCain's attendance on the debate is still questionable. Oh, and Washington Mutual Bank has been seized and broken up by federal regulators. It's the largest bank seizure ever.


--Deb said...

I really don't know what McCain was thinking! It makes him sound like he doesn't WANT to debate, and yes, the financial crisis IS a crisis, but it's not like people are dying (in which case a debate might have been inappropriate). But instead? I think the debate is more important than ever!

Bezzie said...

Obama was right with his zinger to McCain about the President having to be able to multitask many hard things to do at once.

That scarf is amazing--I love it!

Daniele said...

Wonderful gifts for you! I particularly love the scarf.

Ina said...

Deb: It was a publicity stunt more suited to a pampered celebrity than a serious contender for high office.

Kim said...

It seems you get so very many wonderful packages int eh mail! The scarf is gorgeous. I missed all the bru-ha-ha with the bail out and debates this weekend. On Friday I fled to the mountains where there is no TV, internet or cell service. Now playing catch-up. I did hear that McCain was bagging out on the debate due to the financial crisis. A lame excuse from a lame guy.

Iron Needles said...

That's a gorgeous scarf! Lucky you to have a brief interlude with which to escape, for a short time, the present insanity.