Monday, November 10, 2008

W is for Woe

W is for woe. Fair warning, some gentle readers may wish to avert their eyes from this sorry tale.

My entire weekend was spent in a highly irritable and caffeinated state, muttering imprecations to the heavens, staring morosely at the somewhat dusty insides of my fancy lemon computer...

Inside computer

...and (oh joy of joys) having inane telephone conversations with technical support. For example,
Tech Support: Open your computer case.
Me: OK.
Tech Support: Aren't you scared?
Me: No.

My hard drive, a Barracuda, failed catastrophically. Perhaps it crashed out of a misguided sense of solidarity with another member of the species. Anyway, after several less-than-scintillating conversations, I hung up on tech support, bought a new Barracuda, installed it, and ran System Restore, which takes a good while.

File transfer

It seems to have worked (yay me!). Now all I need is a recommendation for a data recovery service.


Nancy said...

Oh no!!! I'm sorry your hard drive bit the dust...and Geek Squad did NOTHING to help me when my former HP Pavillion computer died. Hope you're able to get your data safely recovered!

Bezzie said...

Good job!!! I'm impressed they walked you that far thru the process of fixing it.

CrazyFiberLady said...

Oh no! I'm sorry it decided to find solidarity with the more famous failed barracuda.

Jessica said...

"Perhaps it crashed out of a misguided sense of solidarity with another member of the species."


Lorraine said...

I just replaced my laptop. It was a case of plastic failure at the hinge. It still works nicely, but I'm afraid to open the lid. There's a picture on my blog with my "W" post.