Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Waffling

Happy New Year! Initially I was inclined to think that having committed to NaKniSweMoDo and Plurk Craft 365, I didn't need to make any fibery resolutions for 2009. That was before I lined up (and shot) the Socks of Shame, aka the official number of singleton socks as of 12/31/08.

Singleton socks
From left to right: Pink Beads, Stashbuster Spirals, Meadowlands x2, Scar, Fawkes, Piscean, Green Merino, Juta's Stocking

Ahem. Here's five fibery goals for 2009:

Reduce the official number of singleton socks. The count currently stands at 9. Come December, gentle readers with avenging fury tendencies may wish to remind me to post a year-end pictorial comparison. In the meantime, I shall post a running total, with up/down status on the sideboard.

Knit or crochet seven adult-sized sweaters. Unless severe dodecamania sets in, that seems a realistic goal for my NaKniSweMoDo. The symptoms to watch for: normal dodecamaniacs have pentagonal dodecahedral calendars, severe dodecamaniacs have rhombic ones (click if you dare).


Make a couple blankies, not because there's a blankie shortage at casa Jersey Knitter, but because DH wants some and the stashes have gotten that big. Probably a sewing project, although I keep thinking Snow Flurries – knit, then fulled bouclĂ© – would make a fabulous blanket.

Spindle sufficient yarn for a pair of socks. To give this one teeth I'll add this public vow: if the yarn is not finished – I mean spun, plied, and set – by my birthday, I shall give away a Sheep 2 Shoe kit. I'll have to think about what to do should I finish in time – besides knit a pair of socks, that is.

Reduce use of plastics, especially plastic bags. It should be relatively easy to sew up more fabric project bags – the real challenge is stash. Not only is most stored in plastic bins and bags, but also there's the monster box of plastic yarn to deal with. Some research may be needed, but there shall be no waffling!

Erm, well, maybe a little waffling?


But only because I got a waffle iron for Christmas (thanks, Mom and Dad!).


BeccaH said...

ooh, I hadn't yet heard of the Plurk365! I like it :)

Michelle said...

Best New Year's Resolutions Post EVER!

Anonymous said...

love those calenders!

Kelli Simone said...

Ambitious goals for 2009. ~ksp

Devorah said...

Mmmm ... waffles! Good luck making pairs of those socks. Those are some mighty goals.

Bezzie said...

Curses to you posting that caladar link!!!

One more singleton and you'll have 5 mismatched pairs!!!

dragon knitter said...

when's your birthday, lol? i'll remember this (hell, i may even put it on my calendar, lol).

did you know plastic yarn makes fantastic bags, particularly if they're crocheted single crochet? they wear like iron (if you c an stand to work with the stuff. it doesn't bother me, lol)

Daniele said...

You can do it!!! :)

Jessica said...

If you combined your single Piscean sock with mine we'd both have a pair! ;)

CrazyFiberLady said...

Ambitious goals but I think you can do it! ;)

Ketutar said...

ok, I have severe dodekamania. I'm lost... First I was enjoying yarn porn at then I looked at those calendars... and the second one... *sigh* That's beautiful!

Beth said...

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