Saturday, April 18, 2009

Carpe Futurum

As part of my quest [brass fanfare!] to find a new SnB, I spent a delightful spring lunch hour with the Take Back the Craft group at Montclair State University and also scouted a possible location, Church of the Improv.

By a strange synchronicity,Montclair State University the Montclair State University motto is Carpe futurum [seize the future]. That's so appropriate for a quest that were this fiction, I wouldn't dare make it up. The university is Red Hawk Country – I've often seen raptors soaring high above the ridgeline, not to mention the big sign on Valley Road says so.

Take Back the Craft is sponsored by the MSU Women's Center. It's a congenial bunch – a little quiet (perhaps because of the presence of two first-timers?) but nonetheless very welcoming and even open to the formation of additional groups that meet on other days at other times.

Student Center

In inclement weather the Friday group meets in the Student Center (which also houses a cafeteria and the bookstore); on fine days, outdoors at the umbrella tables visible in the left of the photo.

Church of the Improv is my church of membership – its progressive tradition is very comfortable to me and also to many in the community, but I know it's not comfortable for everyone, just as this meeting space may strike some as uncomfortable.

Guild Room

By another synchronicity, the TV cart in the room had this odd candleholder on it. I can't decide whether it looks like a broken fellowship or like an inward-facing group confronted with new opportunities. (Which is not to suggest something like crisis = danger + opportunity in Chinese because it doesn't.)

Odd candleholder

It should be noted that I'm not the only former MY SnBer gone a-questing. It may well be that some have been searching for a lot longer than I have, but those are their stories to tell, if they wish. For my part I want to thank all those who have sent good wishes and sage counsel, as lovely and consoling as cherry blossoms along a pathway.

Thousand flowers

So let a thousand flowers bloom! And, nope, Chairman Mao never actually said that – and I wouldn't dare make that up.


Bezzie said...

I don't know that looked like a pretty comfy spot to me!!

I'll have to mention that Thursday night meeting to Dr. MS. Every now and then he likes to shake up his meeting routine. Of course it will have to be after he's done with his Thursday night class at MoSU (I can't bring myself to call Montclair State MSU--that will always be Michigan State to me...)

Kim said...

That couch looks comfy to me!
I saw you from afar at MY yesterday. I was squashed up front and saw you at the register. Wow, what a madhouse that was, but a fun one. I obught some nice yarn and enjoyed chatting with everyone waiting on line.

CrazyFiberLady said...

I just love your cherry tree photos!

craftivore said...

May the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

Those cherry trees are beautiful. you won the drawing for the yet to be determined sock yarn in my Blogiversary contest. Have any color preferences? Please send me your address tp pbarnett AT tds DOT net. Good luck in your SNB quest. Thanks for playing