Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moving Along

Traveler sock has progressed from the awkward seven-needle stage and is looking more coherent.

Traveler sock in progress

The design cleverly places the pre-strung beads on the purl background of the cables, where they sit serenely and aren't tempted to slip to the wrong side of the fabric. I tweaked the highly embossed cables a little and in the process messed up one crossing, but decided it didn't make that much difference.

The seamless pocket required closer to 20 yds, not the 10 yds specified in the pattern, and I'm wishing I had left extra long tails for the grafting yet to come (sigh). Of course I had to try loading it with the family silver and other valuables.

Traveler sock with valuables

Items smaller than half a credit card fit – it's a treasure pocket, not a cargo hold. And in a nervous age of would-be shoe bombers, perhaps it may not be the best way to transport ferromagnetic loot, licit or illicit. Hm. Maybe I'll forgo a pocket on the second sock.

Traveler sock loaded

Still, it's fun and I'm enjoying the pattern. I'm less happy about the yarn. Although STR usually is beautifully spun, this skein has some frizzy patches. Let's hope it's not a trend.


Bezzie said...

My mother always carries her cash in her shoe when she travels...I wonder if this would be a viable option! Hee hee!

I do love that color. And I can't tell where you missed the cross. Nice!

Cindy G said...

The "seven needle stage"? Yikes!

I do love your tiny treasures.