Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday this unexpected delivery made my day: 5.1 oz. of Zarzuela's Fibers Blue Face Leicester, colorway Snowy Wood in January. It was my prize for the October-December 2009 Spin/Knit-along (I knit mitts).

Behold a thing of beauty!


Not only are the colors lovely, the fiber was so gently handled that its luster and crimp are readily apparent, as is its staple length. This is going to be fun to spin.


I plan to spin it during the spinning portion of the February-May 2010 Spin/Knit-along. The knitting objective is a shawlette, but I'm not sure this fiber wants to be a shawlette, so I'll decide when it's plied.

Many, many thanks go to Jessica for offering and creating the generous prize and for delivering it after a trying commute. I’m impatiently waiting for the February 1 S/KAL start.


Kaye said...

That's a pretty color. And thanks for the link. She's got some good stuff. I'm always on the lookout for some local stuff that doesn't take a long time to be delivered. Hee hee!

Nancy said...

Ooh, that's SO pretty! I love Jessica's fiber, am all set to spin a shawlette too with her colorway, "Maine Blueberry."

Walden said...

The fiber looks beautiful!