Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sock of Shame #8

Outside temperatures warmed up enough today to show off Juta's Stockings, formerly Sock of Shame #8. The first sock was finished December 2008; the second this morning.

Juta's Stockings

I'm inordinately pleased with this pairing of pattern and yarn. Others have reported that Malabrigo Sock tends to pill and bag – I'll have to see if that happens, but for the moment I have happy feet.

My socks may no longer deserve shame, but the contemptible remarks of some in the wake of Tuesday's devastating earthquake in Haiti earn them my deepest opprobrium. Shame on you, Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh, you fall lower than my socks!

Those with greater compassion (and less wacko paranoia) may wish to respond to the Yarn Harlot's Knit-Signal calling for donationsKnitters Without Borders logo to Doctors Without Borders aka Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF had 800 staffers in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, before the earthquake. Their good work is greatly complicated by the massive damage to infrastructure and the overwhelming need.

For those who feel a responsibility to repudiate Robertson's brandOne Great Hour of Sharing logo of Christianity, my church has joined with other mainline Christian denominations in the OGHS Haiti Earthquake Relief appeal. Sadly, it is anticipated the Child Sponsorship program, which helps orphans, will need to expand, too.


Cindy G said...

The socks look wonderful. I love the color.

We will probably donate through the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Neither one of us goes to church any more, but UMCORE is a great organization, and 100% of each donation goes to the relief effort.

Bezzie said...

YOu're really chucking out these socks aren't you? All it takes is an "outting" huh? ;-)

I donated to UNICEF...because quite honestly it's the kids and babies I feel the most for. It's even harder for them if they're injured/orphaned...

Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

I didn't know you attended a UCC - Me too! And, hooray for whole pairs of socks! I need to start another pair. BTW, I finally started spinning that Sheep to Shoe kit. It's gorgeous! Donated to the church fund, Mercy Corps, and Doctors w/o Borders. My heart goes out to those families. :(

Sue said...

If you had listened to what Rush Limbaugh actually SAID and not what was REPORTED you would realize he said that money should be donated as people wish BUT that GOVERNMENT charities should be avoided because of all the red tape. This is VERY true and why donating to a charity should be researched. Many take exorbitant amounts for 'expenses' and the actual amount that reaches those in need is very small. THAT applies to GOVERNMENT charities as well as others. I used to enjoy reading you, now I can no longer do so because people who just parrot what they hear are the reason this country is in the shape it is in. Before bashing someone do a bit of RESEARCH.

Ina said...

Sue: Thank you for your comments. It is certainly true some nonprofit organizations divert an excessive amount of donations to nonprogram expenses. The ones I've named, Doctors Without Borders and One Great Hour of Sharing, have excellent records.

I'm not sure what a "government charity" is. The White House blog has a link to the American Red Cross, which has a long and distinguished record of service -- former senator Elizabeth Dole is a past ARC president.

In the post, Rush Limbaugh's name is linked to unedited audio of the remarks I find problematic. I did indeed do my research. Without putting words in my mouth, do you know why I find his remarks problematic? Perhaps in your haste to fault me, you have neglected to take your own advice to do research.

Anonymous said...
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Ina said...

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