Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Opportunistic Frog

I'm not entirely sure every instance of frogging is a Ravel*****s-worthy feat, but the organizers saw fit to include Aerial Unwind as an event and I'm doing my humble bit.Frogged Does that make me a hypocrite? At least I didn't rail against it, vote against it, then seek to take credit for it (click if you have about 10 minutes, and hold on to your blood pressure). Ahem.

Moving right along, here's a languishing UFO, Peace Socks by Wendy Johnson, posed with Monday's print version of the NY Times article on a ritual unique to ice skating, kiss-and-cry:

Peace Sock before

Apropos of that, here it is after frogging, about 92 yd (84 m):

Peace Sock after

Most toe up socks just don't fit my Frankenfeet, yet hope springs eternal. Sigh.

Redacted 6/26/12: The Ravelry event formerly known by a name that rhymes with and supposedly infringes on the Olympics™.


Bezzie said...

Well points for technical execution!

Nancy said...

Sorry about your current visit to the Frog Pond! I think top-down socks fit my feet better as well.