Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spinning My Wheels

Sorry about the radio silence, time sure flies when you're having fun!May is National Bike Month Last weekend I went on the first annual Bike JC tour and the weekend before that was the Tour de Montclair. The entire month of May is National Bike Month, so if you missed those rides, there are still plenty more on the calendar.

There's no joy like a shared joy – nothing like a happy group ride – which leads me to ponder the barriers to cycling, in particular how things like the full Mapei kit (and the racing ethos that goes with it) can sometimes discourage other types of cycling, particularly by women riders. Lycra has its uses, but a healthful counterbalancing viewpoint is provided by Cycle Chic in Copenhagen and Beyond.

Thanks to Copenhagen Cycle Chic, I plan to smarten up my ride. Perhaps a summery straw brim for my helmet. Definitely more handknit anklets. During the radio silence I knit up a singleton Lazy Daisy by Jody Pirrello out of Panda Superwash.

Lazy Daisy singleton

And I ordered a new set of pretty double panniers from Basil and entered the excellent Basil panniers giveaway at Rave and Review. Do have a look, Leanne's product reviews and giveaways are particularly helpful to mothers with young children.

And I've started working on posts for Trisha's and Dottie's LGRAB Summer Games. Part I, Social Cycling, runs May 17-June 6.

And I haven't forgotten my promise to say more about the VK spring show. (In the meantime, see professional photos here.) So little time, so much to blog – not to mention I've been spinning my wheels.


Bezzie said...

If there were an award for post with most links--this would win!!!

I like those anklet socks! Don't banish this one to the clothesline of doom!

dragon knitter said...

would you believe the guys at the bike shop couldn't believe it when i told them you knit your own biking socks?

durned muggles

craftivore said...

Loved the Copenhagen Cycle Chic vid. I was so impressed with all the bikers in Munich, with ladies in high heels no less. When I ride a bike with a skirt around here, people freak out. What's wrong with riding a bike with a skirt for chrissake?