Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sea Watch

I'm keeping one eye on the sea this week. Hurricane Earl is heading this way. Stinky "brains" have been washing up on the Jersey Shore. John McEnroe has been blowing up a storm. And my Windandsea Hat looks more like an octohat than ever.


Seriously, gentle readers on the U.S. Eastern seaboard may want to check out their local Office of Emergency Management coastal evacuation maps and storm surge maps (click here for NJ). It could be time to prepare to head for higher ground – or at least to queue some hurricane knitting.

1 comment:

Kaye said...

As an Exit 150er, do you think we'd have to evacuate? I have a really skewed sense of geography out here and I never think we're *that* close to the ocean, but we really are. And not to mention the only other place I've seen flood this bad is Texas...hmmm...

*Love* that hat!! Hope it doesn't blow away!