Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Quincy is finished and I like everything about it. The well-written pattern is a quick, fun, satisfying knit full of handsome architectural details – I especially like the clever crown shaping. The yarn, Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Bulky, has just the right amounts of spring and color variation. The hat fits my head nicely, with good ear coverage.

Quincy finished

I thought the moebius twist might fidget me, but it's quite comfortable. I might tack it shut – then again, I suppose one could use it to stash a press pass or train or theater tickets....

Handy pocket

Despite its feast of knitting techniques, Quincy has only one tricky part, grafting the body of the hat. For neatest appearance, the attached I-cord should be grafted knitwise and the garter portion should be grafted purlwise. I messed up slightly because I miscounted the number of garter ridges and so ended up with a reverse stockinette ridge instead of a garter ridge at the grafted seam. Oops.

Grafting error

It's actually not that bad whether viewed from the inside or the outside, so I didn't bother to unpick the Kitchener stitches to fix it.

Inside view   Outside view

Like some of EZ's most un-ventive patterns, Quincy has the quality of sticking in the memory after knitting it once. It's very striking in bulky yarn, but can easily be adapted to different weights of yarn and different sizes of head. Newbie knitters can learn a lot from it; experienced knitters can enjoy it too. I recommend it highly!


Kaye said...

Cool hat! Now if only the weather was actually cool and you could wear it!

BeccaH said...

Your hat looks great! I love my quincy - so warm!!



Ina said...

KNITKNACK: The pattern link for the Quincy hat is in the post.