Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm back from a somewhat draining conference. The speakers were excellent and the other attendees congenial, but I'm really tired and crabby. At least during the plenary sessions I managed to do a bit of crocheting in public and thus have something to show off to gentle readers, a bunch of whimisical Slippah Luggage Tags.

Classic Slippahs

My luggage looked pretty much like everybody else's until I added a pair of Slippahs. I thought about making the cord maybe 20% longer than specified in the pattern, but will see how these hold up. They're so quick, easy, and thrifty – these are bits of Sugar 'n Cream left over from divers washcloths – that it's no trouble to make more impossible to make just one pair.

Green Slippahs

There, I feel better now.


Ann said...

Squeee! So cute!
I could have used them last week when I was traveling for a business trip and using my Hubby's suitcase.
Not only did it look like all the others but I wasn't sure what it looked like since I don't usually use it.

Maven said...

Very clever! Love the slippahs!

Did you bring back any edible souvenirs from Pike Market? (I was there end of May/beginning of June of this year.)

Great pics!