Friday, January 27, 2012

Under the Influenza

Suddenly I've developed the nastiest of all nasties, like a flu in onset, like a heavy cold in misery. I haven't been this congested since the last millennium. When you mix general bleariness and a whole lot of OTC cold remedies...

Cold remedies

... with a charm pack and a quilt block project for Church of the Sharp Elbows...

Charm pack

... wobbly crafting ensues. You know how the cold remedy labels advise, "Do not operate machinery"? Apparently that includes sewing machines. Yet I persevered and crafted on.

Here's my first quilt block. In my current state I'm somewhat amused that the house – yes, it's supposed to be a house – would appear to have settled, which ::cough:: explains why the walls and chimneys aren't precisely vertical. Nothing a bit of sashing couldn't fix. Also, the walls and the window don't contrast enough. I'm tempted to fix that with a laundry marker.

Quilt house

This was my first attempt at paper piecing. I can see why quilters like the technique – it's a simple way to achieve a high degree of fussy. Speaking of which, this block most likely isn't up to the high standards of the Quilting Guild at Church of the Sharp Elbows, which means I'll be keeping it and making another to donate. So what does one do with just one quilt block?

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Kaye said...

Potholder? "Wonky" blocks are quite the rage!