Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bikes & Feet on Every Street

It escapes me how this happened, but my blogging template changed abruptly, obliterating some content. I have no time to fret about it – the 10th Annual Tour de Montclair is this Sunday, and I've been getting ready. Astonishing yet true, it really is the tenth tour – you can tell by my pile of t-shirts from TdMs past.

Tour de Montclair t-shirts

As this is a family-friendly tour (not a race), there are routes to suit bicyclists and walkers of all ages and abilities. For bicyclists, there are two on-road routes and one car-free paved loop entirely within Brookdale Park suitable for the youngest riders. Bikers can use the ABC&H checklist to prepare:

A = Air
B = Brakes
C = Chain (the recent rain made me re-lubricate my chain)
H = Helmet & hydration

The walking route traverses a paved portion of the yellow-blazed Lenape Trail and also a small shopping district – sensible shoes are suggested, but hiking boots would be a bit much.

Register here for the Tour. I'm going to be a bike marshal, so will be flitting hither and yon in my orange Staff shirt (and my traffic cone orange socks, if it's not too hot) on Tour day – I hope to see you there!

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