Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Starter

The Memorial Day weekend roundabout Exit 151 was hot (over 90° F/32° C), rainy, and started with a discovery. Saturday I attended the funeral of a veteran whose unit received a presidential citation and also was sworn to secrecy. As she kept faith to the last and never mentioned the specifics of her service (or honors), I have no idea what she did for our country. There are so many reasons why veterans do not speak of their experiences.

During the rest of the weekend my outdoor plans suffered, but I made remarkable-for-me progress on my May Sockdown sock, Honey Badger by Carrie Sullivan. It's a pleasure to knit, with an unusual passover decrease that yields a beguiling texture, not to mention the designer exhorts sock knitters to knit like a honey badger. Rawr.

Honey Badger singleton

For those unacquainted with the beast, this is the honey badger, "the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom." Somehow that doesn't sound quite right. I thought fearless literally had no comparative or superlative. Fearlesser? Fearlessest?? Ah well, honey badger don't care (video rated PG-13 for language and gore).

Or view here.

I venture to say my late friend would have been delighted by the feisty spirit of the honey badger. It wasn't planned that way, but I'll be thinking of her when I wear these socks... just as soon as I finish the pair.

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