Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retreat Mittens

Clever Judy mentioned an intriguing mitten pattern that is knit flat and sideways, Cozy Mittens by the Martha Stewart Design Team. Of course I had to try it, so I packed the necessary when I went on retreat. I didn't know what to expect – some retreats can be a bit intense – this one featured a series of somewhat strange pair exercises that reminded me unpleasantly of speed dating. At least there also was some free time for knitting. I coulda used a kacha-kacha for the knitting and possibly for the exercises too – however that may be, in short order I had an almost-singleton mitten.

Flat mitten

A bit of folding and a bit of crochet yielded a finished mitten.

Singleton mitten

The knitting for the second mitten was the same as the first, but the finishing was mirror image. Here's the palm side view.

Pair of Cozy Mittens

And for sake of completeness, here's the knuckles side view. I made the women's size mittens – these are a tad small on my hands.

Knuckles side

Overall, I'm glad I tried it, although it's not my cuppa – which summation applies equally to the retreat and to the mittens!

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