Monday, November 3, 2014

Weaving Improv

Halloween night was a three-bagger at Casa Jersey Knitter, well within the middle of years past. This year I didn't recognize most of the trick-or-treaters, who were evenly split between small, precociously verbal preschoolers who readily offered lengthy, precise explanations of their costumes and largish, already rebellious pre-teens who were attentive to their friends and scarcely deigned to notice the person giving them candy. None of the costumes were nearly as scary as Gnarly Tine, Destroyer of Gardens, who showed up to snack on my yew hedge.

Gnarly Tine, Destroyer of Gardens

Emboldened by the semi-success of my first weaving project, over the weekend I started a second using Lion Brand Homespun. Like many prayer shawl knitters, I have an overly-large stash of the stuff. Coincidentally, I've gotten a little tired of knitting prayer shawls, so I had ulterior motives in seeing how this weaves up. As I only have an 8-dent (worsted weight) heddle at the moment, I improvised and threaded every other slot-and-hole to get a draft spread out sufficiently for the bulky bouclé yarn. This time I'm using the full weaving width of the loom.

Cricket loom warped with Homespun

What could possibly go wrong?

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