Monday, July 18, 2005

Firmly Resolved

[Edited 7/19/05 to add: Hello visiting RAOKers! I'm so very happy to join the group today. Please feel free to have a look around and leave a comment. :)X ]

The adventurous Celia matched me with a scarf pal who likes jewel tones. Ever one to oblige, I trekked to my LYS and was delighted to find the latest from Eisaku Noro in stock. These rich Kureyon colorways are new for Fall 2005 - the skeins from top to bottom are #159, #147, and #163.

Photo of Scarf Exchange yarn

While it frequently seems as if the entire knitting blogoverse either has made, is making, or will make sweet Ruffles for self or another, I am firmly resolved not to do such a thing to my scarf pal. I refuse to be responsible for springing yet another Ruffles on an unsuspecting world and certainly not on my pal. Not I. No, no. Never, never, never!

Such vehemence has a cause: I've already knit my bit, a Ruffles knit in pink Bernat Softee Baby, 100% Acrylic on pink plastic needles.

Photo of pink Ruffles scarf

So the Kureyon #147 pictured above is in the process of turning into Amanda Blair Brown's other design in Scarf Style, the edgy Stripes and Bobbles.


Rebecca said...

Fellow FiberRAOK'er here! Just got added today myself :) Had to leave a hello comment especially because I see you're part of the scarf exchange as well!! I'm participating too!! I got my yarn and have my pattern picked out and hope to get it started after I move in about 2 weeks. Hopefully it'll be a fast knit. Oh, and I LOVE the pink! I'm not a huge fan of that ruffles scarf ;) but the pink Bernat is pretty anyway!

So, hello! :)

Bethany said...

Welcome to RAOK-- from a fellow NJ knitter :)

Deb said...

Welcome to RAOK from the other coast line:)

Michelle said...

Welcome to RAOK! :)
I enjoyed the introductory post you made on the RAOK mailing list. That's one of the more thoughtful things I've read about the act of blogging in a long time.