Friday, November 11, 2022

Pocky Day

It's Pocky Day, 11.11.22. If you know, you know.
Pocky Day store display
Meanwhile, my old utili-sweater suffered a blowout. Make that multiple blowouts, but one example will suffice for illustrative purposes.
Utili-sweater blowout
The blowouts are so many and so extensive as to preclude darning, patching, weaving, or other repairs. What to do? I wonder....

Monday, August 15, 2022

Doing the Dash

There's little Actual Knitting Content today. Instead, this August I'm Doing the Dash, a fundraising effort to support environmental projects mostly in the global south. The Dash includes an excellent Action Calendar (PDF). Today's action, without irony, is Take Some Time for Contemplation. It's about coherent breathing, plus there's a Neruda poem.
Take some time for contemplation
Be sure to breathe today.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Stop the Madness

Somehow I never did quite summon the necessary enthusiasm for Madness. I mean the fake Internet, do-it-for-the-lulz, March Sock Madness variety and not the real world warring madness types. The latter have a way of draining the joy from everything, rendering the former empty husks. I gathered yarn, printed the qualifying pattern, tried a few color combinations, but advanced no further. Ah well.

Instead of Madness I did a spot of baby knitting. There's nothing like babies and baby knitting to restore a sense of goodness and sanity to the world. This is Watermelon Baby Cardigan by Stitchylinda Designs worked in King Cole Cottonsoft DK. Beautiful pattern, beautiful yarn – I especially love how the yoke increases look like watermelon seeds.

Watermelon Baby Cardigan FO

That's better. On to Yarnia Sock Bingo, Summer of Socks, and the new-to-me Supersock World Championship, on Ravelry and on a companion website. Despite its grandiose name, SWC seems reasonable and mellow and I'm hoping to qualify. But, as always, the countdown timer waits for no knitter. Must knit faster.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

And It's February

And just like that, it's February and three months since my last post. The last time I started a post with "And just like that..." it was August and I was knitting along for the 2020 2021 Summer Ravellenics.2022 Winter Ravellenic Games button Now I'm knitting along for the 2022 Winter Ravellenics on Team BBMF and registered for Sock Madness 16, to commence next month. Some things don't change much. In the U.S. we're starting Year Three of the coronavirus pandemic. The official death toll is over 900,000 – it's estimated 100,000 of those deaths were added in the eight weeks since December 12 due to the Omicron variant of the virus. No surprise, Thanksgiving and Christmas were difficult. And January brought a 5-slice French toast alert. Well, so much for catching up, on to February.

In the bleak midwinter it may seem callous or bizarre to speak of Internet knitting and pandemic in the same paragraph. But... that is where I am: still here, still pondering ways to checkmate nihilism, still considering the same socks. This time I intend to finish Invitation to the Dance for WIPs Dancing. After so much upheaval, there are two verities: I know where the singleton and the yarn are and it's not a bad thing to dance.

Invitation to the Dance singleton

This year I'm trying something new as well – Fiberuary Challenge 2022, which takes place on Instagram, curated by @CreativeCece. I still don't quite get Insta, maybe this will help. At the very least, it will be an impetus to take better photos and maybe it will inspire more frequent posts.

Fiberuary Challenge schedule

I'm already behindhand with posting, but I'm not going to worry about that. February is too short for worries!

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween 2021

While out for a stroll in Brookdale Park I came across two random jack-o-lanterns. Why were they there? Who put them there? I know not, but they are endearingly blog-worthy. Rated: Not scary.
Random jack-o-lanterns in Brookdale Park
While at the Montclair Film Festival I saw Dionne Warwick: Don't Make Me Over. Then I saw director Dave Wooley and Dionne Warwick interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Rated: Not scary, in fact an excellent, uplifting movie. Plus in the live interview the diva charmingly commanded the stage.
Dave Wooley, Dionne Warwick, Stephen Colbert
I finished a pair of Simple Skype Socks, the same in the previous post. They were done in August, went on a hike, and are getting blogged now. Rated: Somewhat scary, but at least it's DONE.
Simple Skype 2 FO
For Halloween dinner we're having turkey feetloaf. Feetloaf looks nasty raw, as below, and even nastier cooked and glazed but it tastes just fine. Carving it does pose a challenge, at least for certain sensibilities: cut longitudinally the slices somewhat resemble male genitalia. Rated: Scary!
Raw feetloaf
Feetloaf reminds me: I have been to museums and seen exquisite Khmer-era statues, perfect in every detail, except they lacked feet. That's pretty much certain proof they were looted, given the broken feet and pedestals remain in Cambodia and can be matched with precision. Decades of war and political turmoil enabled wholesale plunder, yet efforts at return also progress. Rated: Hopeful.

Howabout more jack-o-lanterns? (This is not my house.) Rated: Festive, not scary.
Jack-o-lanterns on Tuxedo Road
Happy Halloween!