Sunday, December 2, 2007


Thanks to all who commented on my sock trauma. Between your kind commiseration and this morning's well-behaved snow, I've shaken off the funk enough to do a Sunday post. Cyclists know the best recovery is to get right back on the bicycle that bit ya (or something like that), so I've started another Embossed Leaves sock by Mona Schmidt.

Gray Embossed Leaves

I love this pattern, not least because after a day of wear, I have leaves embossed on my feet (teehee). This one is worked in old stash yarn, Stahl Wolle Socka Color, colorway 9124, with plain 1x1 ribbing and a half drop on the leaf panels (because knitters can). As it was started last week, it counts toward Ravelry November Sockdown (I have 'til December 31 to finish).

If that weren't enough encouragement, a big box o' yarn from Kristen arrived, the prize for most closely guessing the size of her Peer Gynt stash. Inside the box was a trove: assorted skeins of Peer Gynt and Canadiana; zebra-striped Opal Rainforest; a garment's worth of mint green Andean Alpaca; bouclé, slubbed chainette, and ladder yarns (and a miter square) in lovely berry colors; and a nifty Nancy Drew card. Thank you, Kristen! I love the mix of colors, textures, weights, and fibers!

Thank you, Kristen!

But wait, there's even more. Last night Dad's alma mater finished their football season undefeated and nationally ranked, and so qualified for their first BCS invitation – selection is this evening at 8 p.m. EST! The excitement has crashed the university's server, but I'll add links when it's running again because ya gotta hear how the team starts its games. ETA: I'd commend the last track.

ETA: They're in the Sugar Bowl!

Sugar Bowl

(And, sinking to a new low, I actually took a picture of the picture on my TV.)


--Deb said...

Good for you, for not letting the recalcitrant sock get you down!

Kim said...

You show that sock who is boss! What a great box of yarn. I especially like that zebra stripe. Go Hawaii!

Kristen said...

Glad the box arrived and that you like the yarn. Sheesh, there is lots more where that came from. I've finally started a Fana sweater using red and white Peer Gynt.

Jessica said...

Nice haul! Glad you are showing the socks who is boss! ;)

Bezzie said...

Oh Hawaii, you torment me so. How I wish to cheer on another state that joins my AK in the fine print for winning contests and higher shipping rates, and I still remember the days before the MWC split off from the WAC and not liking you then. I hope it's a tie ;-)

knitseashore said...

What a great prize! Glad that you started a replacement pair of socks.