Thursday, July 7, 2005

Prayers and Preparedness

This morning's unhappy news and pictures from London seemed sadly familiar hereabouts. On people's faces there is a look of woe that I've seen before. It wrings my heart and my prayers go out to them. May those who were injured find healing; those who are mourning, comfort; and may peace and justice prevail.

In the U.S., the nationwide threat level is now raised to orange for mass transportation, which means:

The state will activate Emergency Operation Centers and begin to restrict access to critical locations.

Review your emergency communications plan with your family and monitor the radio/TV for current information and instructions.

In NYC, the threat level has been at orange ever since September 11. So now it's at what some call bright orange. The morning and evening commutes were not unduly slow, possibly because many people extended their holiday weekend and are still away. But police presence was heavy and the armed speedboats escorting the commuter ferries was something new.

In New Jersey, NJ Homeland Security offers many resources, including brief guides in .pdf on protecting self and family, pets, and livestock.

It's a day for anxiety-induced knitting, but perhaps not blogging on about it. There will be more knitting content another day.

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