Thursday, July 14, 2005

Snout of the Trout

Happy Bastille Day to la pal secrète! It's not every country whose national anthem was arranged by Hector Berlioz.

After a few false starts, the Sockapal-2-za sock in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock "Green Mountain Madness" is finally well on its way. Photo 1 of Sockapal-2-za sock My sock pal asked for a surprise, so I'd like to oblige her with a riff on one of her ribby projects. She posts exceptionally clear photos on her blog, which made industrial spying research and development easy. Not to mention ribs increase the chance of a decent fit. Here's a view of the sock topside and profile or, for the architecturally minded, plan and elevation views.

What I didn't count on (har!) is how much the ribs pull in. The first attempt with 64 sts on my favorite 0 needles was very dense and looked like the jawbone of a crocodile. The second attempt with 72 sts on 2s was far too loose. The next attempt with 72 sts on 1s had a fine hand and looked like the snout of a trout, which seemed like positive progress. Now I'm working 88 sts on 1s and sailing along.

Photo 2 of Sockapal-2-za sock

The yarn has a fabulous sheen and the colorway seems cool and yet lively. But it resented being frogged and re-knit and I was forced to (wince) cut (wince) part that started to de-ply and frizz. That raises concerns about the durability of the finished socks. And, sadly, there also may not be enough yarn for mother-child socks after all.

I reflexively frogged the false starts without documenting them for your pleasure. Hey, I'm new at this blogging thing.


alison said...

How pretty! And it's so great that you went to all that trouble to come up with a pattern that your pal will really like. Great job! :)

Anonymous said...

blue and green look so well together don't they? nice socks
earth mother

Donna said...

I knitted a pair of Cherry tree Hill socks for myself earlier this year - whil;e it was not my favorite yarn, they've held up nicely even after repeated washing - hope that allays your worries!

Ina said...

Yes, thanks! Now I'll knit on boldly.