Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Links, Jinx, and Finks

This post is all about going someplace else.

The sign up for Secret Pal 6 is open through September 3. I've enjoyed participating in SP5 so much that I signed up right away. Both the pal I'm spoiling and the pal spoiling me have been terrific. And the SP5 host, the fearless Rox, has been absolutely amazing, keeping on keeping on through a very rough patch. It's taking eight SP6 hosts to replace her!

True blue Hufflepuff Alison has revived the Weasley-Along, and I've signed up for it and for the HP Knitters webring. HP Knitters buttonI missed the first knit-along last fall, so am really looking forward to this tour. There's the challenge of finishing before the next movie is released November 18 and, for those who want an official weasley, the thrill of the chase for the elusive, OP Rowan pattern. Be warned – some kits contain a barely legible, hardly legal photocopy. I got a legal pattern through the KnitList, but found myself wishing I knew the jinx for price-gougers.

Speaking of Slytherin types, it would seem that Belle Armoire pulled a fast one on Julie, who documents her side of the dispute. It's difficult to say what's worse, the ugly behavior of the Belle editors or their stupidity. Julie's felted Booga Bag must be one of the most instantly recognizable designs in the blogoverse, not to mention she's the respected listmom of the Knitting Blogs webring.

But that's quite enough out of me. Follow the links, go someplace else, and come back again soon.

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