Monday, August 22, 2005

Software and Yarnware

Nothing escapes Judy (the fastest knitter I know), including the new Yarnware store in West Orange, roundabout Exit 145. Meredith has had an online presence for some time, but the bricks-and-mortar shop just opened in July.

Naturally, I had to have a look. To paraphrase Howard Carter, I saw – wonderful things. Okay, maybe Howard's find is more fabulous, but Yarnware offers classes, a Thursday evening knitting circle, and a choice selection of luxury and budget yarn, patterns, and accessories. I even got to see my blog on the shop computer. It looks, er, different. Am I the only person left in the blogoverse with an 800 x 600 monitor?

By a twist of fate, I even had my digicam with me, but the obstinate gadget refused to obey its programming. At first I thought it was the batteries and, like your average crazed blogger, made Meredith cannibalize her wall clock (that didn't work, but it really was most obliging of her), then left the store in search of batteries, bought some, and returned, only to discover far more serious recalcitrance was afoot. Oh, not again. Open the pod bay doors, HAL, it's time for new software.

Put another way, there are no pix. No matter, it just means a return visit is in order. Meanwhile, friends of Yarnware are invited to knit in public at "Wild About Cashmere" at the Short Hills Saks Fifth Avenue on

Wednesday, September 21     6-9 pm
Saturday, September 24        10-7 pm

The event is free, just RSVP Meredith at Yarnware at 973-669-0372.

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