Thursday, August 4, 2005

SP5 Prezzie Now a WIP!

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The Phildar Lambswool from my Secret Pal is now a work in progress! Here's the beginning of Cindy Walker's lovely Leaf Socks in Socks, Socks, Socks.

Photo of Leaf Socks

The pattern looks involved, but actually is a lot of fun to work. The lace ladders swing, the bobbles add a great pop of texture, and I love 'most anything with leaves.

Most of the sock is Field of Wheat lace with large bobbles on the leg and small bobbles on the foot to avoid pinching inside shoes. There's an ingenious panel of leaves – with stems! – running down the leg. The original has a leaf border at the cuff; I've altered the pattern, adding a k1 p1 rib and omitting the leaf border.

Other alterations I'm pondering include running the lace and bobbles down the heel (I usually wear handmade socks with clogs), making the bobbles on the foot even smaller than in the pattern, and substituting a wedge toe for the star toe. I'm also going to chart a mirror image of the leaf pattern to produce a true right and left sock.

The plan is to wear these socks to Rhinebeck in October. It will be nice to have a small reminder of la pal secrète along with me.

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