Thursday, September 29, 2005

Guilt Trip

Still catching up on the blog backlog.

The now overdue Sockapal-2-za sock went hiking in Acadia National Park two weeks ago. Why confess this? Call it a guilt trip.

Sometimes it rained, and both sock and digicam had to don impromptu rain gear, also known as Baggies. This was not conducive to clear picture-taking. Here's the sock consulting a trail map.

Rainy day, sock in Baggie, trail map

The rain made the sock think better of attempting the famed Precipice Trail. The sock is not afraid of heights, but I am, and the Precipice is, well, precipitous during precipitation. A photo of the trail sign would have to do (click on the photo for a version large enough to read the sign).

Sock and Precipice Trail sign

But sometimes it was sunny. The sock summited Mt. Cadillac and posed next to the summit benchmark for proof.

Sock and Mt. Cadillac summit benchmark

Acadia National Park is the only national park in New England and one of the most beautiful of all national parks. Every sock should have a chance to visit someday.

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