Thursday, September 22, 2005

Overtaking the Asymptote Anytime Now

Currently, the blog backlog roundabout Exit 151 is growing rather than shrinking. September has been so full of blog-worthy (and other) events that, like the perpetually overtaken-by-events autobiographer in Tristram Shandy, I'm finding that even while I'm writing about things that have already happened, other things happen that demand writing about.

Yesterday was a case in point. I finally got around to opening Tuesday's mail, which included this gorgeous autumnal Sockapal-2-za cornucopia from (im)patient Lou. (The pumpkins are my current desk decoration.)

Photo of Sockapal-2-za cornucopia

Lou is a phenomenally talented knitter (be sure to check out her fabulous beaded Lattice Lace Wrap pattern) and incredibly thoughtful. My new socks are her take on a Lucy Neatby pattern that has bicycles on the legs!

Sockapal-2-za sock bicycle detail

Her enclosure card has another big wheel on it. Some spin fiber, others spin bicycles, and the world waggles on its merry way.

Photo of spinning wheel card and Sockapal-2-za socks

I love the beautiful patterned gusset and the wonderful fall colors. The yarn was dyed and over-dyed by hand, too, a marvelous example of the art.

But, wait, there's more. One foot of this pair of beauties bears an image instantly comprehensible to anyone who's seen a New Jersey license plate – it's the outline of the state. The other foot bears the profile of the top of the Empire State Building, complete with its distinctive zeppelin mast.

Photo of Sockapal-2-za sock detail

Put it all together and you have – my commute! In good weather I commute between Manhattan and roundabout Exit 151 by bicycle. I'm not fast, but (unlike most motorists) actually enjoy rush hour, especially in autumn when the air is crisp and the leaves on the trees are spectacular. These socks are so perfect – I'm dazzled, speechless. Thank you, Lou!!! I love my Sockapal-2-za socks!

There was yet more in the package: a thoughtful selection of postcards, notecards, and brochures reflecting the rich cultural life around Lou's home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There's great cycling in the area too. [Grin.]

Needless to add, I immediately began showing the socks a good time. On the left, they are gracefully reclining on the back of a life-sized cashmere goat stuffed animal at Saks Fifth Avenue (more about this wild adventure... er... later).

Sockapal-2-za socks at Saks   Sockapal-2-za socks with RAOK

And on the right, they are posing with an origami crane, cheery note, and clever handmade envelope with all manner of dates on it (er... the fruits of Phoenix dactylifera, not the other kinds), an RAOK from Julie. Thanks, Julie!

One might reasonably think that's a lot of fiber goodness for one week, but today there's even more! Today's mail (which I opened today) included a package from my SP6 pal, Pepe the Prawn. Thank you, Pepe!

Photo of SP6 goodies

How spoiled can one get? The package contained a whimsical card with the legend, "The Chemical Structure of Curiosity – Revealed at Last" and seven rainbow tabby cats who might be making a group sky-diving formation or maybe a mystery substance (hepcatane?); a Vosges Haute Chocolat exotic Black Pearl Bar that contains ginger, wasabi, black sesame seeds, and dark chocolate and comes with instructions on how to eat it; a tin of Chimes ginger chews in peanut butter flavor; and three skeins of variegated (!) Crystal Palace Waikiki rayon-cotton yarn.

Ginger chews are the sovereign remedy for traveler's tummy (always a problem for me when I fly), so the Chimes are going to Cleveland with me, unless I eat them all before flight time. The yarn is staying home, where it will be subject to more Alpha Female attempts to show a variegated yarn who's boss. I think I may need to meditate and attain a higher level of consciousness before trying the Black Pearl Bar. Or at least get a good night's sleep.

There is still more fibre goodness to come, but I simply must have a lie down now. Sweet dreams to all and may all stay safe from Hurricane Rita.

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Anonymous said...

Those bicycle socks are the cleverest things ever and the colors are fabulous! The Vosges chocolates require no meditation before eating, okay? Just break off a square and enjoy! I promise the weird combo is actually really tasty.
- Pepe "The King" Prawn