Saturday, September 10, 2005

Scenes from a Shawl Ministry

Just a quick post, because I'm pressed for time.

The Shawl Ministry Workshop today at Christ Church drew a congenial group.

Photo of congenial group

We had excellent resources, reproduced with permission from the Shawl Ministry website.

Photo of registration table

And we had nice take-home goodies to inspire and encourage our individual shawl ministries.

Photo of goodies

Many thanks to all who made the workshop possible, including the excellent staff of Christ Church – the ever-organized Cheryl and the super-fantastic Juan!

Omusubiya San banner

For those not into things Japanese, these are personified rice balls, or o-musubi, something I found at Kawaii Gifts, a place I learned about from my SP5 pal Becca.

Alas, I've not yet heard about my SP6 match up and don't have time to post the questionnaire. I'll be away from email for a week and will post again when I again have access.

'Til then, happy knitting! :)X


your Secret Scarf Exchange pal said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm almost done knitting your scarf and will be sending it along in the next week or two... I'll drop you a line when I put it in the mailbox! :)

Allena said...

that shawl ministry looks neat!i'm off to check out that site! have a wonderful day!