Monday, October 24, 2005

Sabbatical Send-off

Sherry is going on sabbatical, so everyone gave her socks as a surprise send-off prezzie.

Not to be out of step (har) I made Sherry small sabbatical Socktoberfest socks. They're a longitudinal pair, siblings rather than identical or fraternal twins, and a reminder that her sabbatical spans from turning leaves to flying snow. They're small for ease in packing. Those are holiday M&Ms for scale. VK has an article on nano-knitting, truly amazing work. These are more like ordinary garden variety mini-knitting.

Sherry's small sabbatical Socktoberfest socks

Sherry keeps saying she's going to dye her hair pink. Halloween – or sabbatical – would be a good time to do so. Failing that, there's always the expedient of a Hallowig. It's worked in October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink, of course.

Sherry's Hallowig

Megan Reardon's Hallowig pattern is a fun, fast knit. It's also an excellent way to practice three sock techniques – 1s2c knitting, right-slanted decreases, and left-slanted decreases – plus sl st edging and three-needle bind off. I consider it an honorary Socktoberfest sock. (See yet more Hallowigs from last year's KAL.)

As for the sabbatical grrl, well, she shrieked. I think that means she liked her prezzies.


Beate said...

Sockapal-2-za arrived!

The postman arrived just before I had to leave for my job so had just a quick glance but everything looks just great. I'll take a better look this evening and will post pictures than.

Just wanted to let you know everything's fine.

Erica said...

The stockings are so wee, and so perfect! Of course she shrieked -- it's well nigh impossible not to.