Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Halloween Masque

Halloween was warm and mild roundabout Exit 151, and we had a good turnout. But trick-or-treaters around here don't seem to say, "Trick or treat!" anymore. Indeed, they don't seem to say much of anything. The doorbell rings and I open the door to a porchful of costumed mutes, who nonetheless look very expectant. It's somewhat excusable in the small kids; however, at some point in the evening the trick-or-treaters are taller than I am [eyeroll] and still have nothing to say for themselves. (Hopefully it's not my appearance that causes the silence!) At least most say "Thank you."

In between handing out candy, I worked on a little eye pillow.

Photo of eye pillow

It's loosely based on a design by Cat Bordhi, Streaming Leaves Lavender Eye Pillow. The pattern has the leaves oriented in the same direction and is worked in one direction from cast on to cast off. However, I used a provisional cast on at the center and worked outward toward each end because I think the mirrored image looks better. Maybe it's the influence of the holiday.

The outside of the eye pillow is worked in Rowan Classic Yarns Cashcotton 4 Ply, which is very soft and nice. Angora usually makes me want to scratch myself to death, but Cashcotton (18% angora) does not. Hm! The inside of the pillow is a length of recycled pantyhose containing pearl barley and some French lavender from my wonderful SP5 pal, Fannie.

This one is for Jackie's mom, Carol. I like the way it turned out so much that I plan to make more as stocking stuffers. It will be a chance to tweak the symmetry a bit.

Speaking of symmetry, DH took this palindromic photo of a beaver lodge last month when we were in Acadia. Conditions were so still, so clear, and so overcast that he got the Lake Glimmerglass effect without using any special equipment, not even a tripod. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Photo of beaver lodge



knitdaisyknit said...

That eyepillow is really pretty and it is for my mom! This is so incredibly nice of you. Thank you so much. I can't wait to get a look at the finished product in person.

kaoticorchid said...

Nice eye pillow-I love that sort of leaf design!

Helen said...

Great photo!

noricum said...

Great eye pillow!

Thanks for the information about superwash wool. :)