Saturday, November 5, 2005

Off My Feet

Today's mail brought an absolutely fabulous package from my Secret Pal, aka Pepe the Prawn. Thank you, Pepe! I'm swept off my feet!

Absolutely fabulous SP package

While it would seem that some prefer a Better Pal to a Secret Pal, I must say that Secret Pal prawns have impeccable taste (and possibly psychic mind-reading powers, too). The package contained: 2 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Wicked, 2 skeins of Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock in Forget Me Knot, a tin of Knitters Little Helper hand balm, floral origami paper, a CD, a nifty graph paper notepad with peony and flowing water design on the cover, coil-less safety pin stitch markers, 3 jelly point protectors, a humorous Halloween card, a charmingly decorated recipe card (Rosebud Madeleines from How to Be a Domestic Goddess), mocha Scharffen Berger chocolate, ginger Altoids, and an origami crane with beaded hanger and drop.

Everything is simple perfection and wonderfully timely. I immediately hung the crane in the window recently vacated by a small air conditioner, smoothed on some hand balm (mmmmm...), used the graph paper notepad to re-chart the idiosyncratic charts for Fanning the Flame mittens, and put the stitch holders to work. They're exactly what is needed for this pattern.

Fanning the Flame mitten in progress

I've always wanted to try KSH and Wildfoote. For the KSH, I'm going to consult Heirloom Knitting and dream up something suitably cobwebby. By a happy chance, I was already thinking about lupine colors for the next socks (!) – the Wildfoote marl will do very nicely.

After Halloween, I usually feel a bit tired of sweets, but ginger Altoids (curiously strong!) and the mocha chocolate bar are just the things for a jaded palate. And I can't wait to try the Rosebud Madeleines recipe. I thought I had some rosewater someplace [sounds of rummaging through pantry], but no... only orange flower water. And, egad, I'm almost out of vanilla extract. Well, now I have an excuse to go to the spice store. I have some nice music to listen to on the way. [Grin]

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