Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

For Christmas, some want their two front teeth. Others negotiated an end to the NYC transit strike. The WeatherPixie got a Christmas tree that lights up at night.

WeatherPixie by day   WeatherPixie by night

I got some nice prezzies, too – some material and some experiential.

On Christmas eve, we attended the Church of the Improv. This year there were three services – family service at 5, jazz service at 8, and lessons and carols at 11. We went to the jazz service, at which the Matt King Trio (Matt King on piano, Dave Richards on bass, and Pete MacDonald on drums) plus Rob Middleton on saxophone led worship. It was a wonderful treat to hear them live – particularly as my favorite Christmas CD is Matt's Welcome, Christmas.

On Christmas day, we ate roast beast, idly contemplated the scary New York Times recipe for ginger cookies made with Oscar Meyer bacon drippings, and opted not to go on the annual bicycle ride through Dyker Heights, Brooklyn or to the annual re-enactment of Washington crossing the Delaware River to invade New Jersey (they made it this year!).

Instead we saw The Chronicles of Narnia. The movie was enjoyable (maybe a bit too intense for young children) – now I'm going to have to read the books. We also saw Russia! at the Guggenheim Museum-New York. The exhibit is a narrowly focused gallop through Russian history, painting, and sculpture (sorry, no Orenburg lace, Easter eggs, or matrioshka dolls). However that may be, I love the haughty girl on the gallery guide, pictured with the tickets and two other prezzies.

Some nice Christmas 2005 prezzies

BIL gave me a beauteous hank of a discontinued Cherry Tree Hill yarn, Possum Lace, in colorway Blueberry Hill ("a rich blend of sunripened mountain blueberries"). I've been wanting to try possum yarn for ages! And DH gave me one of those cute sheepy tape measures I've been coveting. Obviously, he's been paying close attention.

But truth be told, lately my fondest wish on a long holiday weekend is for peace and quiet enough to knit up that ravelled sleave of care. Got that, too [vbg]. Ah, to sleep in heavenly peace!

Hope your holidays were happy!


chittavrtti said...

Thank you for answering my question. That'll teach me to skim too fast ;)***CV

Erica said...

Is it wrong that the things I liked best in the Narnia movie were the Beavers and the knitting?

Glad you had a good holiday!

Ina said...

LOL. I was trying to work out the pattern for Mr. Tumnus' scarf.