Friday, December 2, 2005

A Sock Is Born

Diamond Patch has transformed from nondescript blob (comprehensible – maybe – to cognoscenti) to sock in progress (instantly recognizable by anyone). She now has an afterthought heel, with its characteristic bullseye pattern, and an afterthought toe.

Diamond Patch sock in progress

Amazing what a difference the addition of these features makes.

The next challenge will be leg shaping. My Holiday Sox pal wants somewhat tall socks, so some kind of gusset to accommodate a shapely calf is needed. Hm... a st st insertion will give the sock a stripey wedge in back... which might be attractive if one saw the sock in toto... but would it be equally appealing if one only saw the leg? Hm....

Yesterday I sent away my final SP6 package and My Favorite Classic package. I hope my secret pals enjoy their goodies. The fun of SP-ing has made me think about how I express care and affection and how I give and receive gifts among my quotidian pals as well as my cyber-pals.

The new Six Sox pattern is Standing in the Shadow of Love by Adrienne Fong. It's a timely delight – I've always wanted to try shadow knitting and the hearts will be perfect for Valentine's Day. I think I will use a variegated yarn for the MC and a solid CC. I generally don't like shazaaming, so I hope shadow knitting will tame flashing on the leg. Hm... maybe I'll shadow knit the entire sock. The project will have to wait a week or two, though. Santa's workshop is busy, busy, busy!


Anonymous said...

I will be sending your final package to you around December 15th, which is maybe a titch past the final deadline... so while not secret, it will still be fun! Secret Prawns sometimes need a little extra time to get to the post awful, you see, they are very short and it takes them a long time to walk anywhere ;-)


Brianne said...

The sock is amazing! I'm so very impressed!!! The recipient will be one lucky lady.