Sunday, December 4, 2005

SP6 Reveal

Hi Jen! Now it can be revealed that I am Lord Voldemo– er, your Secret Pal. I hope you enjoyed your goodies – I've enjoyed spoiling you.

Did you guess it was me? Your comment about Nagel's Candy Barn makes me think perhaps so. I usually go to Bromilow's Chocolates factory store; however, your maple sugar goodies came from the source in Vermont and the Jacques Torres Chocolate came from SoHo. Nagel's is a fun place, though – makes visits to the DMV (barely) tolerable.

I've learned a lot reading your blog. Not so much about knitting, but about the challenges that face NICU nurses and their very young, very small, very ill patients. It's gritty reading at times – troubling, honest, and profoundly human. Not quite what I was expecting, not least because when the match up was made, I was thinking of the Wine Cozy Jen. Instead (surprise!), you have your own publication pending (nice Hidden Mickey on the cover). Congratulations and good luck!

And hello to Pepe the Prawn, the Secret Pal spoiling me! I think I have figured out your identity, but let me wait to find out for certain. In the meantime, let me say I've loved your humorous messages and artful packages. And I'm completely blown away by the generosity of small crustaceans. Please do be careful and look both ways before crossing the street on the way to the awful – some motorists don't watch for cyclists or pedestrians, let alone small, slow-moving prawns. [Edited 12/06/05 to add: My Secret Pal is Rainy the Yarnpirate at Will Pillage for Yarn.]

Finally, many thanks to SP6 listmom Sarah, who organized this little corner of the SP6 universe and to the other seven listmoms for organizing all 600+ of us. It's an immense task at a very busy time of year and I bow to them.

Speaking of busy, today is the second Sunday of Advent. At my church, it's the date of the Alternative Christmas Fair, an opportunity to stock up on Fair Trade goodies (I'm partial to Equal Exchange cocoa and chocolate), to make donations to worthy causes in honor of good folk, and to contribute to the bake sale. This year the proceeds are going to support two families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

After this year's Thanksgiving pie fiasco, I figured I better stick to cookies. Here's mine:

Bake sale cookies

Yep, those are M&M cookies and Pillsbury cookies. For a church bake sale. O tempora, o mores!

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