Thursday, January 5, 2006

Five As

A is for abominable snowman, or perhaps abstract is more apt (see the previous post).Kagami mochi or abstract snowman The photo was meant to suggest a kagami mochi, two cakes of mochi [mashed sweet rice] topped by a daidai [a small orange]. It's a New Year's tradition in Japan to bring good luck, prosperity, and longevity. I've heard various explanations of what it's supposed to represent... the New Year's sunrise over Mt. Fuji is one interpretation. Those who commented seem to think it's a snowman. That's a new-to-me example of crossed-in-translation, quite a wonderful one [vbg], particularly as newness is an auspicious way to start the New Year! Thank you for that, blog friends, and happy 2006!

A is for Anne, who organized the 2006 ABC-along. Thanks, Anne, I'm having fun already!

A is for Acting Governor Richard J. Codey, a dedicated public servant and very decent person who makes politics seem like a worthy and honorable profession. In New Jersey, no less. He will leave that office when governor-elect Jon Corzine is sworn in on January 17, but will continue to serve as a State Senator and Senate President.

A is for the avalanche of horses painting currently on the Horse Park of New Jersey (roundabout Exit 98) website, also see the sidebar. (Notice the sunrise over the snow-covered mountain – it's a kagami mochi!) For those who don't know it, the state-run Horse Park is, among other things, kinda like a spa for horses.

And A is for alpaca and acrylic and angora, and The Scarlet Letter, a great source for sampler patterns. One of my favorites is Circling Alphabets. I have the chart and the hope that the ABC-along will provide the impetus – finally! – to stitch it.

[Edited to add: For an 'abominable' snowman of another sort, see Keeping Me in Stitches, who already has the 2006 Knit-Alongs page up and running and also has Big News.]

(See the rest of my ABCs.)


King Of Hearts said...

Happy New Year!

Anne said...

PLEASE do not mention the "spa for horses" to our mare. She would be there in a heartbeat. She is totally into the whole "I am beautiful, worship me" thing.

Believe it or not, I'm an ex-Jersey girl. Born in Moorestown (not Morristown), went to the Quaker school there and my dad taught at Maple Shade High School. Small world, eh?

Erica said...

A is also for Awfully Glad you're doing the ABC-Along, as I know you'll come up stuff.

I could not resist. Apologies.