Monday, January 16, 2006

Five Bs

B is for bicycle. My trusty ride (note sock in progress perched on seat) is a Giant Option X, nothing fancy, just basic transportation for errands around town,B is for bicycle commuting from NYC, and the occasional noncompetitive event. The biggest noncompetitive bicycle event in the U.S. is Bike New York (properly, the Five Boro Bike Tour) – 42 miles, all 5 boroughs of New York City, 7 bridges, 30,000 bicyclists. My favorite parts are riding traffic-free in Manhattan and the incredible views from the bridges and in Brooklyn. This year it's Sunday, May 7, the same weekend as the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Both are good, and trying to choose between them is a bummer.

B is for blizzard, defined as a severe winter storm with winds blowing in excess of 35 mph. The one that roared through the area on Saturday left more ice than snow. I'm not much of a winter cyclist, but the self-described "crazy people" at Ice Bike brave the most extreme conditions.

B is for blog. This is my first year of blogging and so far it's been a blast. I've particularly enjoyed joining knit-alongs and exchanges, of which by far the best is Sockapalooza, hosted on The Blue Blog. Sign ups for the third round, Sockapaloooza (yes, three Os), begin soon January 24.

B is for bifocals. While squinting at the chart for Circling Alphabets, I suddenly realized that symbols that used to be clear and bold now are more than a bit hazy. Boing! I've ordered my first pair.

And B is for bamboo and bison, two yarns I'd like to try sometime. But I'm sticking to my yarn diet and not buying anything new!

(See the rest of my ABCs.)

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Secret Pal 7 said...

Hey there Jersey Knitter,
I really enjoyed your post today. (Brought to us by the letter B!) So, I couldn't tell, do you do the Ice Bike ride or no? HA!
ps... I am working on a better name for myself, sorry I am not more creative at the moment!