Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Sun'll Come Out

Today was one of those days roundabout Exit 151. It rained. It was cold and dangerously windy. Numerous things went wrong. It was one of those days when inviting over Thing 1 and Thing 2 actually seems like it could be a good idea, or at least couldn't hurt. And I'm not talking about Alison's nifty pattern. I mean the original hyperactive blue-haired terrors.

But today's mail included a nice note (with sheep to sweater illustration) from my SP7 pal. Inside was a West Virginia quarter!

Nice note and West Virginia quarter from my SP7 pal

Thank you, Super Secret Pal! WV is the current quarter and I didn't have one. Not to mention it's from the Denver mint, which makes it extra-special (most quarters hereabouts are from the Philadelphia mint). Tee-hee.

Tomorrow the weather forecast is for sun and spring-like temperatures. Coincidence? I think not!


ShhhhhSecretPal said...

Well, now... I collect these quarters too but never knew you could tell which mint it is from. Can you tell me how you know that?

Ina said...

On the obverse (the side with George), under the words "In God We Trust" there will be a small P for Philadelphia or a small D for Denver.

Sedie said...

Thanks for the tip on knowing the mint. . . I collect them too, but never knew! How nice of your SP to send that to you. The card is mucho cute!

traveling knitter said...

Very sweet Pal!

Jenni said...

All I ever can find are quarters from the Denver mint. I guess it dependds on your location.