Friday, March 31, 2006

SP7 Reveal

[I've been having some trouble with Blogger today. The usual story.]

When I got home today, this SP7 parcel was waiting on the front porch. It was heavy and made rustling noisesSP7 parcel when shaken! In no time at all, I'd opened the box, read the sweet note, unwrapped the pretty prezzies, and discovered that my pal is Petra, the Good Girl Purl of the Purling Ps, who host 200Sox. It's her birthday today (happy birthday, Petra!), yet I'm the one with the great prezzies. Thank you, Petra! That's above and beyond spoiling!!

The dazzling loot: the (heavy) knitting book of the moment, published just this week, Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, the Mason-Dixon knitbloggers; yummy, chewy candy (rustling noises), including Mike and Ike, Goobers, chocolate covered turtles, and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans; a nifty crocheted flower pin; Texas bluebonnet seeds; and a sweet note with a Kansas quarter inside.

Dazzling SP7 loot

This is all so perfect! I was just looking at my old vegetable patch (now unusable for food due to some noxious activity next door) and thinking all that nice double-dug soil should at least be a flower bed. Now it will be a flower bed edged with bluebonnets. The flower pin is exactly right for a project that will appear shortly. Ditto the Every Flavor Beans. The quarter goes into the collection, but the candy is not long for this world (yes, the Tortoise loves turtles – chomp). And I guess I'll just have to take the book to one of the book signings in Manhattan next week.

I hope the pal I've been spoiling, Tracey, has been having an equally happy time. I've enjoyed being her secret pal – it's been a fun challenge trying to find things for the knitter who has everything, even a tiara (teehee).

SP7 never works without the efforts of the whip-cracking tireless listmoms. Thanks to them all, and particularly to Sarah, who was the listmom for this happy little corner of the SP7 universe.

Signups for SP8 begin tomorrow – no fooling!


crazycatladymel said...

Everywhere I go, I run into my SIL's SP partners! Tracey is a dear, and I'm glad she had a great partner.

I just got that book the other day, and love, love, love it!

dragon knitter said...

those look like fantastic prezzies. i'm jealous, i want mason dixon knitting, myself. i'll have to put it on my amazon wish list.

and she has my birthday, too! too cool! there's a lot more of us "fools" than i thought!

and why can't you use your veggie patch? that would stink

dragon knitter said...

oh, andi'll post a pic of my sockpal000za sock in the morning.

Tracey, in MI said...

Found you!

Thanks so much, for all the special treats!!!!

the pink yarn in my final package is absolutely gorgeous! (as was everything!) You were a wonderful Sp!

And have been deservedly nominated "best Sp7"! Thanks again!

Petra (Good Girl) said...

So glad you enjoyed everything! t was a lot of fun trying to find just the right things for you.
You've been so generous with your nice comments and it was super to be able to spoil YOU!

Tracey, in MI said...

BTW-- the tiara is PURELY for special occasions... like recieving and knitting with Holz and Stein Needles! ;)