Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Contest Ordinals

The voting among the ABC-along I Contest finalists is over, yielding the following ordinal results:

  • Vicki of Knitorious and her Individuals received 51% of votes cast for first place. Her prize is two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in colorway Iris Garden.

  • Minnie of Dragon Mad Knitter and her Inheritance received 23% of votes cast for second place. Her prize is two skeins Katia Ingenua. Minnie has indicated she'll make Dulaan Cloud Hats from them.

  • Jane of Not Plain Jane and her very covetable Indigo received 13% of votes cast to tie for third place. Her prize is a Clover I-cord gadget.

  • Karlie of A Long Yarn and her "National Geographic" Indian pipe also received 13% of votes cast to tie for third place. Her prize is a Clover I-cord gadget.

Congratulations again to the finalists and thanks to all participants, who posted so many excellent, creative entries. The IJK patch in an abecedary often is a tough one! Let me echo Anne and say it was wonderful to view the entries and hard to select just three four finalists.

Incidentally, I'm rather fond of my I-cord gadget. Here's the current project, with a prop to hint at its identity.

Current I-cord project

Off to the Post Office. (Finalists, you will receive a package tracking number via email.)


Moze said...

FSM! What a great idea!

wenders said...

Can't wait to see how this turns out!

dragon knitter said...

you're going to be a spaghetti head? thanks again for running and judging the contest. it was fun! i actually pondered what to do with my "i" post for a week before i committed to it (i hate taking pictures of myself, lol).

and sorry for sending my addy twice. i ahd forgotten i'd sent it once already, lol, and asked anne for your email so i could send it again. doh!